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November 13, 2010
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BrainSpew the 61st by Altalamatox BrainSpew the 61st by Altalamatox
Some Hiccup n’ Toothless to start things off. Once I get my claws on the DVD you can be sure we’re gonna be seeing more of this pair.

Cornelius victory roar! This is not so much out of character as it’s just a rarity. Let the guy smash a few colleagues in the senate debates and finally get his agenda pounded through and unfortunately big parts of his former, rather narcissistic self start showing. Oh well, it’s not bad to be proud of yourself now and then.

You know you’ve been living existing in a library too long, Charles, when you start seeing people’s speech.

Some people sketches, drawn from `mjranum’s awesome stock photos.

Oh, yes, the giant volcano dragon thing. That’s the farthest Morgan can take his shapeshifting size-wise. Still no name or set design yet, but I want to figure it out so I can paint it because its insides are molten and glow through all the gaps in its rocky hide and y’all know how I am about painting glowy stuff. As much as Morgan adores being the biggest and badest thing in sight, for a myriad of reasons he doesn’t pull this shape out often at all. The one-man-army is fond of telling how many legions he’s bested using little more than the form of a rat and small bird to sneak past the military’s finest and blow them all to heaven by igniting their powder stores. The bigger you are the bigger a target you become, and while nearly invincible otherwise, this form would be neatly extinguished by any enemy force quick enough to gather a horde of mages with frost-type spells at hand.

Endeavored to draw all my female characters this month, there are actually quite a number of them, but unfortunately school has turned effing sour on me and I don’t know when I’ll be getting to the rest of them. For now, you know Morgan (pfft, you were a man before you were a man, Morgan) who was number three of seven kids in a farming family and lifted/hauled/carried/dragged more collective pounds of stuff by eighteen than most of us will in our entire lives. She was somewhat infamous in the county for trashing all three sons of the neighboring family one night but that’s another story.

Still searching for a surname for Rebecca. You might remember her, she’s Benjamin’s partner and second in command of the Greater Altalamatox Public Library. She’s also technically a denizen of the library as she exists in this world courtesy of the enchantment on her book (not the one she’s got here) but lives with Ben at his place most of the time. She’s a little reserved but very pleasant. Gets along extremely well with Diana, Tom, Charles, and most of the other Librarians.

I feel like I owe Magda a huge apology for slaughtering her every time I try drawing her. Urrgh. Magda is also a very nice if quiet person who, through no fault of her own, is Morgan’s best friend and is actually three months older than him.

Alright. Back to school crap. Fml, guys.

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Mallenc Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
How does Morgan come up with the mass for a shift like that? Does he pull it out of the surroundings, like Eric's curse does when he's recreated?
Altalamatox Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012
You know, I haven't nailed down much about how magic is going to work in this storyverse. Morgan has this self-propelling generator of sorts within his being giving him a nearly inexhaustible supply of magical energy. It could be that he's capable of adding and removing mass from his own body by directly converting magic into matter (and vice versa), because magic is by definition impossible and can do shit like that. ;p

I do know that in the Network they don't so much as create and destroy matter as they pull and push it from their neighboring dimension. (No-one knows how the neighboring dimension feels about this.) I suspect this means I have to make Hellecker a closed system for sake of Doing Things Differently. So yes, I think for now consider that Morgan never took a physics class and can build and break down matter using his personal energy source. Why he ever needs to eat is now a mystery. Perhaps his metabolism runs on its own track or he can't get his nutrients from shapeshifting calories into his stomach.

Heh, I told myself when I started Hellecker that this storyverse was going to be much looser than the Network in terms of logic. But I'm having a hard time letting go of the habit of trying to explain everything and not just say 'it's magic!' as I should. Just take Hellecker and its denizens with a grain of salt. XD
SunshineAndSecrets Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011
So... your brainspews pretty much make my life... :+fav:
yesterdayzchild Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2010
GIANT Toothless, omg. And Hiccup.
You rawk. :headbang:
Handie Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
I love these - and I really love the little captions you put in them! THey make me laugh every time!
SoLong-AndGoodnight Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome as always. I love the evil little kitty. :3 she's so cute! :D
RetroLoony Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2010
Your never cease to crack me up.. :laughing:
Rainb0wC0nd0m Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2010
I think you need to get the job at Dreamworks, or Disney, I would love to see your type of art in the movie! You are amazing! Just as amazing as me-Jane!
Moonstar37 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2010  Student General Artist
Toothless!!!!!!! Win!
Natakia Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2010
Feesh, but no eel, plzkthnx XD
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