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June 8, 2011
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In Ten Years... by Altalamatox In Ten Years... by Altalamatox
Something random. Felt like peeking into a few of my OCs' lives in a decade from now. Turns out there are not many I can do this with without totally spoiling their stories for you. ;p Plus I should be working on other stuff so this is as far as I'm going with it.


In ten years Cornelius will be fifty three and mostly look himself if more grey and grizzled. He's going to mellow out a TON next decade. It'll be harder to hold human shape as years go on and he's going to stop caring to make the effort as often. He and Diana are going to go into an early retirement for a few years, travelling and catching up on all the time they didn't get to spend together having met so late in life and the biggest change for Cornelius will be, finally, the thawing of his temperament and pride. (Thank gods, various anonymous friends and family of his are sighing.) The second biggest change will be finding out his galatini body has its own aging marks as well… Catfish whiskers idea totally planted by *Mangakawa.

His sister Penny will be thirty-four and get her wish to train and breed gryphons and other exotic beasties. She'll be just as energetic and crazy as ever… and almost certainly a mom. (Adopted children; her husband Eric, on the wrong side of an immortality curse, strongly prefers not to have descendents running around he will outlive.) There's a disproportionate number of non-human children who don't get adopted and since this pair are well acquainted with living in mixed households my guess is their kids are interesting.

On that note, Eric is almost pathologically terrified of dying, yes, even though he comes back. (He can't quite tell you what happens to him or what he sees while his body regenerates but it leaves him very pale and nervous for days after.) Nevertheless, it's not such a big deal that he doesn't pop himself off to regenerate at his twenty-eight year-old self the year Penny turns the same so they can grow up together. (A nice birthday present, suicide; Penny about kills him again for doing it.) So, ironically, have Eric in a decade looking only a year older. The bastard.

For Ben and Becca, sixty one and three, life hasn't changed too much. They've survived whatever hell I'll be putting them and the other Librarians through to make their story, and otherwise probably still hike mountains (albeit more slowly) and mess around in their garden and go riding on weekends. They both had rather over-exciting youths and I'm giving them their wish to sleep in late in their later years (this still involves the occasional brawl with book-spawned nightmare monsters but that's an occupational hazard).
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DragonFlame123 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Seems like they all age gracefully 

....And then There's Eric... 
SheWhoShines Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
This is so cool. I'm always so tempted to go back or forwards a few years and see where my OCs are, it's fun to see someone else doing the same. I love their outfits and facial expressions, clothing especially on Cornelius (his grey patches rock), posture and expression especially on Eric. Dianna is lovely and Penny's adorable :love:

Just let me see if I got all this properly -- from left to right:

Becca, Ben, Cornelius!true shape, Penny, Cornelius!Human shape, and then Eric?
azispaz Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011
Unf, dat man. Dat one wit da specks. Unf. :heart:

They are VERY spiffy whiskers, yus. ;)
Altalamatox Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011
Benjamin: *throws arm over your shoulders* Wot you say, love? ;)

Eric: XD You know what she meant, dork.

SEE, Montrey? If Azi says it it is Truth.
azispaz Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2011
Yeah okay, in all fairness, Ben's handsome face has not been lost on me. Perhaps for my birthday you could just send all your guys over to my house in chippendale outfits. That would be the best present ever. ;)

Would Azi speak lies? Would she really?

Merric: *cough*

Shut up, you.
sweets8 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2011
I cannot wait for the day that you turn this into some kind of book-thing :XD: I know you say it's all disconnected and bits and pieces, and there isn't really something you could put into one book, but I bet there's some way you could ;) Like small chapter books - it doesn't have to be harry potter, more manageable thinner type paper backs are fine. I. WANT. TO. SEE. THEM. >:[ one day, right? ^^;
Dyani-Tokala Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2011
I'm not sure how I missed this in my inbox! Its so wonderful and I love how you can realistically age everyone. I kinda wanted to see Morgan and Thomas but I guess their aging is a moot point. I love Eric's pose and I love how he talks. XD You do such a fantastic job on characters. Great work!
Altalamatox Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2011
Aw, hey thanks, you, glad you like it! Yeah, lots of people got left out of this one, a lot of that is just me not knowing what they'll be up to because I haven't plotted out any of their stories in full >_>. If Tom were in here he'd be on his next android which I've been putting off designing (until I am older and wiser), and in ten years Morgan will very probably not be using the warlocky form we're used to him in (being a reminder to him and everyone of the little rampaging monster stage he went through) and I figured nobody'd be too interested in non-Daubenmire Morgan.

Tee-hee, Eric speak. I make him talk a bit like I do, lotta 'dudes' and 'heys' and 'sad days'. XD
Dyani-Tokala Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2011
Haha. Well that's how it is with a lot of characters, I think. I can't imagine Reginald not being the sleazy guy he is when I write him but I know he develops out of it later. But redesigning him would be hair raising!

I'd be interested in anything Morgan! I can't imagine how he ends up but immortality gives you a long time to work yourself over. Does his Monster-Rampage phase come before or after what we know of him now?

I talk like that too but my mom had a tendency to glare and go 'I'm not a dude."
Altalamatox Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2011
Oh, yes, sorry, Morgan's rampaging monster phase is just before the Morgan we know. It ended, in fact, when Magda and co. captured him and threw his sorry little slimy body into a rucksack as their charming captive. :3

My god, I just realized how little I've put up of Morgan's actual bio. ^_^; I do have a chunk of it written somewhere I've yet to finish and post, I really must get back on that. But because you're interested in the guy...

After receiving her abilities on that fluke of a night Morgan actually spent the next four-ish years being a fairly decent, quiet citizen of the world, exploring and meeting people and even attending quite a lot of college (to really learn what magic is and how to use it). Morgan had a good little group of friends and one friend in particular, Aaron, who Morgan was extremely close with, you could say they were unspoken lovers minus any soppy crap.

Morgan was a bit of a hippie; she thought the current war was a load of trash and that people should stop being stupid and joining the ranks of the military to go kill other random people in the name of some squabbling politicians and monarchs who can't do their job and instead keep up moronic rivalries and fighting. Aaron was from a long line of military family, this was one of the only things they would fight over, the war. Eventually despite Morgan's protests Aaron went off to take 'his place' in the fighting but not after a very, very verbally violent fight with Morgan who refused to come with him on moral grounds and Aaron called this cowardice.

Short story: Aaron went to war. Aaron's parents received the king of heartbreaking letters some months later and shared the news with their son's friends. Morgan snaps. A bit beyond rationality he decides to join the f*cking war himself as a solo guerrilla nightmare on no-one's side and intending to make life on the battlefield so awful it might knock everyone's heads together and wake them up from this idiocy.

He never intended to kill anyone, honestly, he was after destroying bridges, weapons, shelters, communications, and such at first, but after the first few accidents he became acclimated to murder. Or went a little more than mad in an effort to not think about what he was doing exactly; he cooked up his Daubenmire persona and somewhere in the act he became the character. And he hurt a lot of people in the next year or two before he was stopped in his tracks by Magda's talisman, and in the following months of captivity mostly stripped of his powers he started to cool off and become rightly horrified at what he'd become.

The next chapter of Morgan's life is him trying to make amends and somehow merge back into a world where the name 'Daubenmire' has become a Satan synonym. The war has still not ended (although trust me, Morgan single-handedly made some good dents in it) and he still wants to throw his might into an end to it remaining a major side player in the scheme of things.

Oh god, I went off on a thing there, didn't I? XD He appears in my gallery at random points along his timeline post meeting Magda though I do intend to write a short thing to show off his glorious abuse of his miraculous powahz while he was in full-swing cocky invincible monstrosity mode.

Blah blah blah! :XD:
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