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September 10, 2010
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Not How it Happened by Altalamatox Not How it Happened by Altalamatox

Response to *diana-hndís little comic scenario above involving Cornelius and Diana and defenestration and just one of the reasons why glatnism blows. Mostly, for the sake of their sanity, I keep my characters from reading too much of whatís said about them online, buuuuut, sometimes itís good fun to make them check my messages for me! Mwahaha.

Cornelius, be nice. Or I will in fact write this into your canon. >B3

Ha, first stab at a comic type thing in five years. There is a reason I donít juggle a webcomic, actually thereís a plethora of reasons, but most especially the word Ďcontinuityí is missing from my vocabulary. I tried. To Manga and Dadrick and Diana you guys have all my admiration for rocking your OCT stuff as you do, itís bloody amazing to me.

(Approx. 4 hrs.)
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X-I-L2048 Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Gosh, I giggled throughout at Cornelius' epic expressions. XDDD
the expressions are priceless, so human yet so comical LOL poor Cornelius, why so serious~?
mcmanusedward Jan 8, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
this is really cute :)
Flaria-Icaria Sep 12, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Damn, this is the similar event that I had with my boyfriend and I. Just like that. xD I just died inside laughing into tears. Whoo man.
Queen-of-Randomness Sep 11, 2010

Dadrick Sep 11, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Based on what I've seen here, I think you'd be good at doing comics! (Heck, you've already got a knack for writing amazing stories. )

Cornelius's expressions are splendid, but my favourite has got to be the last panel. It's that prefect blend of exasperation and mild embarrassment. And, I love how Diana finds the whole thing to be so amusing. :XD:

*Smiles* I'm honoured that you think so highly of my comics. Really, thank you. =)
Oh gods, I'm just so slow. Ach, just a matter of practice, I'm sure, maybe I'll save it for a summer project some year and put together a scene or two. Anyways, thanks very much for the vote of confidence!

I'm just happy that last one actually looks like he's looking straight at us, that's really difficult for me to draw for whatever reason. XD And Diana is so mild and laid-back about everything, it's great. Obviously she's the foil to Cornelius' explosive, touchy, bitter personality and the number one reason he gets by, really.

I only wish I'd gone through more of them! I'll have to make time to start at the start and go through them all, you make some pretty killer perspective shots and angles and your details are fantastic.
diana-hnd Sep 11, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*takes a double-take*

Holy crap, that look from Cornelius in the last panel--- It's like he's really looking at me and saying that!!! OAO;;;;

But, ahah! I'm glad this tickles you as much as I did making this thing, Diana! ^3^
.... Feels a little surreal talking to a character that has the same name as I do. O.O;

Cor x Diana forevah~ :heart:

Ha, first stab at a comic type thing in five years.

What...? You mean, there WERE COMICS?! *starts digging like a mad woman* :XD:

Wow, who'd have thought that one little crack comic would have prompted you to do a comic yourself?

HEY. Does that mean if I keep making cracked stuff, it'll make ya do more comics???? Why, I have JUST the idea for---!!!!

*gets swallowed by a mysterious galatini whose true name will forever elude the ordinary masses*


D'awwww! I'm honoured that you read some of my OCT stuff! I try to improve where I can---

WAIT. That means you also read some of my old stuff-!! GAAAH FUGLY-WUGLY ART ALERT! ;A;
Oh, it's only because HE IS. O_O

Diana: Not at all! It made me smile. You've no idea how close you were on those first panels, Cornelius was a sad squirming mess when we were first meeting. And by the way, nice name. *wink*

Alright, alright, alright-- my last stab at a comic was, haha, actually it is up on dA. Sorry it's a bit of a dig to get to, it's just a short ways into this thing: [link] and so old and painful aaahgh! But that's it, I was never a comics person myself although I adore reading them from other people. Oh, and I guess I lied, make that only three years ago... holy craaap I've improved a lot in three years. XD

Oh, PFFT, they're not bad! And I'm following your Fragmented on Afterrealm like the stalker I am, I'm all biting my nails over Ramsay's story at the moment. Draaama!
diana-hnd Sep 12, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*to Diana* From one Diana to another Diana! *winks back*

It's old, but it ain't bad, yo!
..... I guess that means we won't get to see the genetic engineering breakthrough thing, would we? I'm guesssing that could be a cross between a snail and a bunny. XDDDDDD

Thomas in Halloween: "Halloween, he vants to suck your motor oil"

It was quite enlightening to go through the Progress Sheets of Cornelius and Benjamin. I'm mostly a little surprised with Cornelius and Thomas. Cor started out as near bald??? And while those monster sketches are freakily cool, I'm glad you settled with the current galatini design. And Thomas, wow. Big change there; I never would have made the connection between the top-hat-ish guy and the old him. :O

Too bad you're not much of a comic person, because I'd think you do nicely in them. But I can understand; different preferences after all. ;)

What, you're a DA stalker too? YAY I'M NOT ALONE.
D'awww, thanks for following my Afterrealm comic~:heart: Shit will hit the fan for Abram in the next pages *me evil*, but they won't come out too soon yet... ^^;
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