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OC Deluge by Altalamatox OC Deluge by Altalamatox
Alright! Revisiting my leading ladies in preparation for another go at =Fyuvix's character meme. They've all been revamped here, probably they'll be tweaked a little more during the meme. Just tryin' to beat my character designs apart more. Three of these have another character it's important they work well against visually so there are some cameos.

I don’t share these folks nearly as much as I should, so have a note on each of 'em.


Magda Alder | 26/Hellecker Among Tresin City University's best and brightest, Magda is a quietly powerful witch and the eldest kid of wealthy merchants. Her life takes an unimaginable twist when she meets, and accidentally thrashes, the supposedly invincible shapeshifting warlock Morgan Daubenmire, allowing him to be captured by the cruel Captain Khafre and his sorry ass dragged off to the king as prisoner. But during the weeks of dragging the two became friendly. Morgan was just the kind of goofball to get Magda out of her shell and over her self-consciousness and Magda was the voice of rationality and intelligence to calm the rampaging Daubenmire to some semblance of sanity.

Magda is an accomplished psycromancer which may be the least flashy and cool magic branch of all, but among the most feared. Magda's had to have so many interviews and background checks to allow her to study it. It's the magic of the mind and covers stuff like hypnosis, telepathy, inference, Jedi mind control, and even totally illegal things like attacking one's spirit and full-body possession. These things can be super useful in medicine for contacting people in comas, literally 'tranquilizing' panicking or suffering patients, and putting people under for surgery (Hellecker has like 17th century technology), among other things.

Later on, bestest best friends Magda and Morgan make for a highly respected team. Magda's no weakling but Morgan's just an unsurpassable fount of magical power and provides most of the brawn and daring-do while Magda is the brains, the smack-down backup, and really the leader, of the pair (and can actually interact with other people in a non-psychotic way!). They split protagonism of their story.

Jackie | 24/The Library The youngest Librarian, Jackie was a grubby little fourteen year-old pirate urchin when she found her way out of her book and into the Library. She was pretty much raised by the staff and grew up in a little treehouse nest she made for herself waaay up in the Library's attic. She's taken a serious interest in computers and has long been head of all things tech in the famous library.

Her best friend in all the worlds is the Library's sarcastic, ghostly Webmaster, Charles Arrhenius. They have a complicated relationship. Often they're like best mates rocking out to their tunes (pirated of course by Jackie) and chattering over their work. And often they're like siblings giving each other a hard time and pulling pranks. Underneath it all, Jackie never had a dad and Charles botched his own fatherhood two hundred years ago when he was conventionally alive, so they're getting a second chance at having family together.

Derp, sorry, just three doodles for Jackie, her bangles and hair take me SO LONG. D:

Nicole Dunn | 21/The Network

Y'all remember good ol' Nicky, right? Right? No? My bad. She is famously 'The Other Glatni,' the only other living human to have survived the deadly form-melting lubii virus. Like Cornelius she is now a monster thing made of the genes of all previous hosts of her virus with an ability to temporarily pull back into human shape thanks to cellular memory AND MAGIC. Unlike Cornelius, she is not a weenie.

The only thing on Cornelius' mind after his mutation was 'Why me?' Nicole, however, suffers from some very serious survivor's guilt. The same little scumball that attacked and infected her killed at least six other people before it was stopped. She's also haunted by the thought 'Why me?', but for exactly opposite reasons, wondering why in heaven she should have been the one in millions who gets to wake up again after the infection, and if she now has a responsibility. She's been dealing with her guilt by redirecting it into a steady, unholy fury at lubii and all things like them. She's gone into training as a monster hunter to wipe out the parasite's hosts and end the species.

She's turned out a lot darker than I thought she would. She's still a kind, respectful, fun-loving person, but she's got this thing eating her all the time and is probably no longer sane on the topic of feral monsters. Benjamin would have a few words of caution for her there, but who knows if they'll meet.

Penny Montrey | 23/The Network

Consistently the HARDEST of my ladies to draw, ALWAYS. Dammit, Penny. I think I imagine her with the most mild features of the bunch and I wonder if that's what's tripping me up. I dunno. Trying my best.

Penny is the youngest member of the aristocratic Montrey family, and total black sheep. She clashed so hard and so often with her parents and brothers that they mutually disowned each other years ago and she went her way, eking out an honest living at small jobs, living in cheap apartments. Her passion is for animals and her favorite work has been at zoos and conservatories. At the moment she is embarking on an apprenticeship at a gryphon ranch for to learn the ancient art of gryphon training.

Her big bro is of course hotshot Senator-Ambassador Cornelius Montrey, who came terribly close to popping himself off alone in his mansion after the glatni thing, if his banished sister hadn't unexpectedly turned up after years to support him and get him back on his feet. Penny and Cornelius are officially back to being siblings and while still polar opposites on many points have warmed up considerably to one another.

Penny likes to push her old-man brother's buttons. The end will only make sense if you've seen this:


*"Thin, pale, and clad all in dusty black, the Patrician always put Ridcully in mind of a predatory flamingo, if you could find a flamingo that was black and had the patience of a rock." --Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man I am not really surprised my characters have been reading Pratchett behind my back.
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X-I-L2048 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That picture of Penny imitating her brother cracks me up. XDDD
DragonFlame123 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I have been looking for this page FOREVER
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Funny thing, I forget where it is all the time tooo! It is stupidly named. It should be That One Post About the Chicks, or Look Tox Has Female Characters After All!
DragonFlame123 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Ahaha! That would be an awesome name!
lumignon Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013
I love your style, it's so living!
DragonFlame123 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I like this Nicole Dunn, she seems veddy interesting ;)
TwiztedDagger Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012
I adore Magda, and Morgan is adorable, too! Do they have a 'thing'? Probably not, or it could be the pretended "I realy dislike you, but I'll tolerate you" scenario between them at times... Oh well, just curious.
Altalamatox Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012
I've changed my mind on their relationship status so many times now. What I think now, and would like to stick with, is that Morgan definitely has a crush on Magda, who feels genuinely nothing in return. However they both want to be friends- and they both know exactly how the other feels- and so they just don't talk about it.
TwiztedDagger Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012
I can see that. Yes, that would do perfectly for the two... It's just the slight connection between them that suggested the possibilities. As I said, I like Morgan as a character, and Magda... I absolutely love her design! Their personalities are adorable, as well.
Quick-Step Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Hobbyist
very nice, love your anatomy work and the use of expressions through the eyes.
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