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August 29, 2011
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OC Interaction Shuffle by Altalamatox OC Interaction Shuffle by Altalamatox
As it says up thar! This has been a little game I've been playing with myself every evening if I can, the idea is improving at playing two characters off one another and getting me away from the boring portrait poses I default to so dearly.

I can't get over how fun it is to draw two names and nine times out of ten times get an instant vision of what'd go down between them. I don't even have to write my characters anymore! Wait. Oh. Oh god. I better not let them know I've become expendable. That would be bad.

And yeah, in the finest tradition of zombies everywhere Vlad's body parts love to go off on their own epic adventures when he loses them, in this case all the merry way to Aagiea where a certain senator is just overjoyed to find a rotten arm inching along his countertop. Lefty is actually very friendly, Cornelius should be a more gracious host.

Vlad and Magda will never really meet but they'd have a lot of mutual respect/interest in one another as very accomplished magic users of very stigmatized branches of practice. Vlad's just happy to meet someone who doesn't gag when they see him: after hanging out with Morgan there's pretty much nothing in creation that surprises or revolts Magda anymore.

Hey! If you're bored some time I'd encourage you guys to try this with your own characters! Do eeeet. (:

Edit: This is really more of a drawing prompt idea than a meme but if you'd like to borrow my header/footer they're up for download over here.
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Angelus-tenebris Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
what are these from?
Altalamatox Featured By Owner May 16, 2014
Do you mean what story are the characters from?
Angelus-tenebris Featured By Owner May 17, 2014
Ginger-Seat Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011
Hee hee. :giggle: I like the one between Cornelius and Vlad. Something tells me that Vlad gets that a lot. :)
sweets8 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011
I like this, hope you do more XP

Maybe Vlad has a mean righty? lol zombies are a lot of fun :heart:
Sanguivoriphobia Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Fabulous. :D
azispaz Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2011
I'm going to make time to do this with my own characters. I'm stepping it up one notch by making a random pile of activities to draw from as well. Things like...moving a couch, eating a sundae, or Kung Fu fighting. Because I don't trust myself to come up with something just from drawing two names. :XD:

Aaaaanyway, Yus. He's so damn cute in either form. But I really, really love how his regular human form looks almost exactly like someone I know, right down to the way he dresses. And I don't think I've expressed enough how much I love Magda. That woman has a rock-hard constitution. I suppose anyone who calls themselves a friend of Morgan's would have to end up that way. Mostly I just love the fact that she's not the va-va-voom sort of gal, but she's also very very pretty.

While I draw women like Alex...I mean, she's just holding up an impossible standard of female beauty. But her personality tends to draw away from that at least....ah ha ha.
Altalamatox Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011
But that's something I love about Alex! Like we were saying some time back about Nathan being our reminder that not all religious people are drooling sheep, I think of Alex as a reminder that beautiful women are not automatically ditsy and vain. You can be born with 'all the right stuff' just as easily as you can not, either way it's not anyone's fault and only your body after all.

:iconsecretplz: You heard that, right, Magda? Yeah? Yeah? *pokes*

Magda: *blushes* Lord, you're both nuts... *scurries off*

Mister Eric is our resident hip artist trope so I'm not too surprised. A ton of my guy classmates look and dress quite a lot like him. Now that I've said as much, I'm ready to put my foot in my mouth when you say this someone you know is not at all a hip artist dude. XD


I sent a gifty thing last week to your gmail which I take it didn't make it to you. :( I'm very probably a dumbass and sent it somewhere you don't check or to some total stranger who's going 'who the hell are these people?!?' and has since skipped the country out of fear of being whacked. I'd meant to pester your sister to make sure you checked for it last Thursday but I'm a dumbass, etc.. Do you have a new email? I could just post it but I wanted you to have it fiiiirst. <3 Lemme know!

azispaz Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011
Oh god. I dunno how but I totally missed that. XD So much junk makes it into my inbox that I must have completely overlooked it.

I will now react with the appropriate fit of joy.



pant huff pant pant

You just made my freakin' day, you know. Not that it was a bad day but it wasn't nearly as good as I thought it would be until I found THIS in my email!!! I can't believe I missed that. I can't believe something so great has been sitting in my inbox for so long and I totally didn't realize it. I dunno how, but when you draw my get them down perfect. Especially in Sansifer's case, which is commendable because I used to have the hardest damn time trying to figure out how to accomplish his range of facial expressions. His head is just so wonky. But you nailed it on the first try! You, my friend, are too good to be true. :hug:

Bwaha, no, in fact, my Eric-look-alike friend is a hip artist. Well, he's a musician. He's like Maynard James Keenan and Trent Reznor rolled into one mass of awesome. It's pretty great. If he could figure out how to get his shit together I'm sure he'd run quickly into success. (Hmmmm, sounds kinda like me sometimes...) But Eric is still waaaay cuter than him. ;)

Tremaine: Alex isn't ditzy or vain? Who decided that? I've always thought she was both.
Alex: I'm gonna hit you with this pretty little fist of mine, you fantastic asshole.

Oh yeah, and...

Merric: *drooling* Baaaaaa...!
Nathan: Shut up, retard.

Gawds, so great. Thank you, again. Actually, this reminds me that I have Cornelius drawings to fix up and send to you...yes that's right, Cornelius. I finally got around to you. ;)
Natal-ee-a Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I have to say, what a great idea! I actually tried this and am currently enjoying it!

Plus this idea opens more possibilities. One can try characters and magic abilities, swaps, clothing styles, personalities, environments, good/evil impressions, archetypes, weapons, age, animalized/humanized, etc, etc...

Thanks for your Shuffle game, perfect for artists block and for amusing yourself a little!
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