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September 26, 2011
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THIS IS A LINEUP - Alternates by Altalamatox THIS IS A LINEUP - Alternates by Altalamatox
Now with 50% more monsters!

An alternate version of my cast featuring the inner beasties amongst them. Stupid giant-ass dragon Morgan has been holding me up from posting this for a couple weeks, as it stands he's finally appearing in the form of Draco lameassicus, the sort of minimalistic dragon you get from artists who are bloody sick of working on something and really should be doing other stuff.

The original lineup.


This probably merits a bit more explanation than last time.

Cornelius Montrey--
- Mutated into a large amphibious thing by a supernatural virus gone wrong, his human shape is now actually his shift. It's a pain to hold for more than a few hours straight but barring illness, exhaustion, extreme stress and such he can more or less shift either way whenever he cares to.

-Transformations are disorienting and weird but not painful; becoming human is a bit of a strain while relaxing back into galatini form in fact feels really nice.

- Yes, he can talk in galatini shape.

- More on Cornelius' galatinism.

Eric Thedrial--
- Eric's shifting is part one of a curse that was cast on him, or the person he was, four hundred years ago. He got the fairytale treatment for being a decadent rich young bastard lord, cursed to helplessly become a mindless gluttonous monster who'd be hated and hunted by the 'common people' just as he should rightfully have been as a man.

- The fairytale goes very wrong after Eric learns his lesson, goes seeking forgiveness (and the countercurse) from his curser... but she'd died, and without passing on the precious countercurse, if there ever was one.

- Part two is 'an inability to stay dead', as he puts it, intended to let monster-him get slaughtered by mobs a few times to traumatize him, but now without the countercurse... well, he's been around a while. After four centuries even strong spells begin to unravel and for a very long time now Eric's just been this guy with a problem of becoming a very hungry fluffy thing for a couple days every now and then (trust me, the monster he used to turn into was much more... monstrous). His over-all size varies on how much he's chowed down on during that shift.

- Eric can also talk and is more or less himself when shifted except for a couple hours after his shifts into monster shape when he acts somewhere between crazed and drunk. He can speak and is civil but can't control himself insomuch as he can't stop stuffing his face/looking for face stuffing material.

Nicole Dunn--
- The only other sentient being in the same boat as Cornelius. The biggest difference between her and him is- besides the fact their galatini forms are made of totally unrelated genetic soups- she has significant trouble shifting back into her old body. An injection which triggers shifting in shapeshifters was applied to her and worked so presumably she can take her old form it's... just a work in progress.

-More on Nicole and her flavor of galatinism.

Morgan Daubenmire--
- Along with his best bud Magda (curly-haired young lady with the ecstatic expression), Morgan doesn't hail from the same storyverse as the rest of these folks who thank me for this on a regular basis. He is the self-proclaimed master of shapeshifting touting 'perfect liquidity of form:' he can become almost any living thing he can imagine but these are a couple of his most important shapes.

- The slime snake is what Morgan is. On the night Morgan unwittingly unleashed upon herself the twisted spellwork that gave her godlike transformative powers it spent a good ten hours melting her alive into a sentient puddle of pain and misery. She got over it once she realized what becoming said abysmal creature allowed her to do...

- If you're unfamiliar with Morgan, then yes, the pronoun shift is intentional. The scary-looking blonde would be Morgan Foust, the cheeky farm girl Morgan was before the magic.

- Daubenmire is a persona she cooks up for herself some years later when she decides she'd like to go terrorizing the continent in an attempt to throw a gianormous wrench in a current war. Morgan went through a lot of trouble making sure people would recognize him in this form and fear the fuck out of it, today it remains the body he takes when he wants to be recognized, which is not often when in public places.

- Super fluffy over-sized cats are Morgan's favorite shapes to just chill out in and enjoy a good pampering.

- Giant snake of smugness is one of his favorites for causing general messing-of-shorts and chaos. He also likes to sleep in this shape if space allows.

- Ahhh, and the best of all. Morgan has several dozen dragons up his sleeve, they are hands-down his favorite forms and he spends entirely too much time in them (leading to some of his weird habits back in human shape like doing everything with the tips of his fingers or licking his chops when he sees horses). Breath that explodes things, the ability to hurl full-grown men over the horizon like frisbees, and the ability to fly: it doesn't get better than this.

- Morgan's customized the vocals of his favorite shapes for human speech but outside of those few he resorts to telepathy. If he wasn't teh most spectacular shapeshifter in teh historys of everz his exceptional talent would be his mastery of telepathy, which is not as easy as you might think.

- There's definitely something liquidy in the way Morgan shifts shapes, probably this is not unexpected. He oozes and flows into different forms and there is definitely a slimy sound as he does.

Cruinn Brogan--
- In a nutshell, Brogan OD'd on a cocktail of shapeshifting potions during his apprenticeship at a potion shop and as a consequence has spent the last forty years a monster during daylight and a man at night. He's gotten over it. Since he spends most of his human time asleep he's really come to think of himself as his daylight form, 'fact a lot people don't know that's he actually human and/or have never seen him as such.

- Brogan's shifts either way are mildly painful and make him feel ill but he shakes it off quickly once they're over.

Márie Branagan--
- A half-nymph born of a marsh naiad and a young tailor. Half-nymphs appear fully human but have some of their mothers' abilities though they are notoriously half-baked. In Márie's case she got some mild influence over water and plants and a very bungled inherited animal form- one she can't control shifts into or out of.

- Márie's shifts are completely painless and quick because they're a natural part of her being. And she can speak as a heron.
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MaxiMaster Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013
I love your designs, but it's hard for me to find backstory on the characters, like with Cornelius. Do you have any submissions devoted to your characters' history, or personalities? Maybe you could write a story detailing their pasts or how they came to acquire their forms? I'm sure we would all really appreciate something like that.
MaxiMaster Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013
cerebrothehedgehog Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Love It!
cerebrothehedgehog Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Love the dragon by the way! He's epic!
ADFTlove Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013   Traditional Artist
holy wow I love your reptiles
DragonFlame123 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Ohh I like monsters :3
LuseyMoth Featured By Owner May 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
One of these days I've GOT to draw Dragon!Morgan and Alryia having a face off of size, dragon to dragon 8,D
Altaeyyr Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Pretty sure this is pure awesome. Just so you know.
JackCaliber Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012
I get the impression that you're setting up Morgan to be the main villain, although I can't for the life of me pinpoint the protagonist. Dr. Thomas is probably my favorite from the short bios and overall design though.
Altalamatox Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2012
Ha, well, this isn't really a story lineup so much as a list of my existing major characters. Their little stories cross over but they're certainly not one big cast, and we're missing most of the supporting peeps and all the villains. Morgan and friend Magda are not from the same storyline as the rest, and Morgan's very much an antihero, but I don't blame you for suspecting he's a villain, he does some time as the bad guy in the beginning.

I've been grooming a handful of these guys to be protagonists of their stories, but we'll see what happens. Happy you like Tom, he's one of my oldest characters. :)
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